Housecall Computer Service 30 Years of experience
Housecall Computer Service 30 Years of experience

Welcome to Housecall Computer Service 

I have over 30 years of experience fixing computer technology and have been in business since 2002.

I can usually do work the same day.I am reliable, honest and can explain problems in plain english.

Your satisfaction is my sucess. Call today to schedule and appointment nine four nine 481-3412



hardware and software repair

virus and malware removal


data recovery

Installation of doorbells & cameras

Audio Video installation and troubleshooting

 With 30 years of experience I can do just about anything you need for your computers. Fixing slow PC's, virus removal, networking, small wireless network setup, hardware repair, fixing software problems, operating system installation repair and upgrade, data recovery, data backup, printer installation, doorbells and cameras, audio/video installs and troubleshooting, upgrades. For small businesses that need quick response, I can do many fixes by remote access.  Whatever your problem, I can take care of it or help you resolve it. I can explain to you, your computer problem, in plain english .
  My mission is to provide high quality, affordable computer repair, onsite home PC support, training and small business support. I do work honestly and with integrity. If it's cheaper to buy a new PC than fixing the old one, I will let you know. If you are having any computer problems call me now and let me fix whatever is troubling you. Nine four nine 481-3412 Call for a free estimate.


Best free Windows antivirus programs

Microsofts built in Antivirus for Windows 10 is not as good as some of the other programs but it's not bad. Mircosofts built in antivirus is also good for slower PC's, some antivirus programs slow down your PC. 2 top picks are Avast and Kapersky



Best paid Windows antivirus programs

 Bitdefender gets a good score. Webroot works well without slowing your computer, if your on Cox their free security is Mcafee which does well on the antivirus tests but can slow you down.





Best Mac antivirus programs

 Macs still have less trouble than Windows PC's but it's time to get antivirus on your Mac

 Avira, Avast and Sophos have good free versions. If your on Cox you can get Mcafee for free   as the Cox security suite




Have you heard of Ransomware?


Ransomware finds document files like word and excel documents, PDF's, pictures or any data of use to and encrypts the file with program that has pretty much unbreakable encryption. What this

means to you is your files are now all unusable. If your willing pay a ransom that might be $500

you might get your files back. The encryption hits every file you have access to including cloud

services like Dropbox. The only files that are safe offline files. This is a good reason to save your files to an external hardrive that is offline except during backups. The backup programs that save your files into a large backup file seem to be safe to leave connected to your computer for now.


The importance of a scheduled backup

 Lots of people do not remember to manually backup the computers. I had a customer that had an older computer that had lots of important information on it. The computer had sudden hard drive failure. I have seen these sudden failures many times. When the computer can not see the hard drive there is no way to recover the information without going to data recovery company and paying at least $400. Fortunatly the computer had an external USB hard drive hooked up with backup set to run each week.  We were able to recover all of her data from the backup. I have seen many problems with both Microsoft Onedrive and the Windows 10 backup program not backing up. There are other backup programs that are free and more reliable. If your information is very important to you have 2 different ways of backing up. Call me and I can help you get you setup for a scheduled backup.



Computer Brands I recommend


Dell especially the Optiplex desktops and Latitude laptops


Dells' tech support these isn't much help unless you need to process a warranty request.

I called Dell due to a problem with a new PC that would not allow file sharing. They wanted $99

to look at the problem and spent an hour and half and were unable to resolve the problem, Microsoft was also unable to solve the problem. There is $500 per incident business support option from Microsoft that might have been able to help. It was cheaper to install a file sharing device called network attached storage.



Asus good computers except the real cheap ones


I recommend avoiding HP computers and printers. I have seen to many PC's and printers fail within 2 years of purchase.




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